The LORD is a Living GOD
Who Reveals Himself to His Children

THE ONLY GOD, as Abraham already recognized Him and thought about Him as the forefather of all peoples, is a living God and is – as already revealed by Moses to the children of Israel – THE LORD, THE CREATOR of all human beings, the earth, and all sun systems, and Who is unimpeachable in His Holiness, Justice, Wisdom, Grace, Love, and Mercy. And even more impeachable is HIS HOLY WORD, WHICH HE reveals by instruments, who are able – according to His HOLY WILL – to take up HIS WORD and HIS WILL in their hearts and to speak it out or write it down unadulteratedly.

Just in these our times THE ALMIGHTY turns HIS HOLY WORD here and there in a special way to men on this Earth. To whom and by which of his messengers the ALMIGHTY turns HIS HOLY WORD is determined likewise by His Holy WILL. And thus there have been in these times reminders, prophecies, and calls according to the WILL OF THE ALMIGHTY to Christians as well as to all peoples of this earth. HE HIMSELF turned especially as THE ONLY AND THE SAME GOD JHWH to the children of Israel and also as the ONLY AND THE SAME GOD ALLAH to the children of Abraham-Ishmael! For there is only ONE SINGLE CREATOR OF HEAVEN and Earth in the entire universe for all children of man of this Earth, independently of faith or race.

The whole mankind and especially those who believe in THE ONLY GOD and would like to follow HIM obediently are called to recognize that THE ALMIGHTY has begun with the CREATION of a new Era on this Earth, by which finally LIGHT and PEACE shall prevail again on this Earth. By this, a prophecy will be fulfilled which has been announced in all holy scriptures. THE ALMIGHTY alone knows about the day and the hour when this or that will have to happen; we human beings, however, are called upon to recognize the signs set by HIM and also to recognize that THE ALMIGHTY begins to intervene into the fates of people just in these our difficult times in a measure as it has not been the case ever before.

It is therefore highly necessary that each human being – no matter to which religion or race he or she belongs, reads such HOLY REVELATIONS OF THE ALMIGHTY, after having had prayed beforehand in a holy prayer of purification and redemption that THE ALMIGHTY should read with him or her the HOLY WORDS so that the perfect truth and the perfect HOLY WILL OF THE ALMIGHTY can be revealed in the reader’s own heart. It is THE ALMIGHTY ONLY, WHO, in HIS GRACE and LOVE, can prove to a reading man that it is HIS ALONE HOLY WORD which is written here and only by HIM a man can find the true help!

Thus read in the following dictation of THE ALMIGHTY HIS very important points, why a human being has to suffer, often unnecessarily, but also, how a human being can prevent such a suffering and how he can contribute to establish true peace and can find true freedom.